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About Me

 Hi and welcome, my name is Jen.

I am a wife, a mum to 2 beautiful girls and am a

Level 3 Reflexologist, Level 3 Massage Therapist, Reiki PractitionerHypnobirthing teacher, Pre and Postnatal Yoga teacher, Infant Feeding Coach and a Breastfeeding Peer Supporter at

my local hospital.


I am based in Swindon, Wiltshire. 

In addition to this; I have also completed courses in:-

  • Hot stone reflexology.

  • Aromatherapy for Child Birth and Labour.

  • Biomechanics for Birth.

  • LGBT + Competency in Birth.

  • Consent: Rights in Childbirth​.

  • Beyond Birth Mental Wellbeing.

  • The 3 Step Rewind Technique.

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​​My journey into Holistic Therapies began when I was pregnant with my 2nd daughter.


My 1st daughter in 2014, I knew very little about pregnancy, labour, birth and the 4th trimester. My birth didn’t go quiet the way I had hoped in my mind, so, when I fell pregnant again in 2017, I therefore knew I needed to change my mindset. I was worried and scared my 2nd birth would turn out the same way. Little did I know that it was more down to my lack of birth prep and soon many things could have been avoided if only I had taken the time to educate myself properly.


My 2nd pregnancy was when I discovered I had a huge passion for all things birth related and, subsequently, where I began the journey to learn as much as I possibly could about mindfulness, hypnobirthing and positive birth which, without a doubt, helped me to achieve the positive, calm birth I had been striving for.​


After the birth of my 2nd daughter in late 2017, I felt inspired to share the knowledge I had learnt with other expectant parents and that was where my journey began. I owe this all to my 2 children as without a doubt I would not be where I am today if it wasn't for them. I have 1st hand experience that hypnobirthing can have a truly effect on how we birth our babies.


I originally took my hypnobirthing training in October 2019 before moving on and becoming an independent practitioner in 2020 and setting up Happy Birth Happy Baby Swindon. From there things went from strength to strength. So much so that my business has now expanded into cover multiple holistic treatments an so The Holistic Haven was born. My services cover lots of pregnancy related treatments, classes and services but I also provide services for non pregnant people.


If you have any questions or would like to know more about any of

the classes or services I provide please don't hesitate to get in

touch with me.


Speak to you soon. xxx

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