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Find out what previous clients have said about my classes.

"We thought the course was great. Jen really helped us with different techniques and information to prepare us for our aim to have a natural birth. I now feel more confident and relaxed. It also left us feeling very positive. We would definitely recommend Jen!"

Zane D - Feb 2020

"I have just recently had an online hypnobirthing session with Jen over Zoom, we had planned in for a 1-1 session but given the current circumstances this was not going to happen. I was really pleased with how it turned out. It was great, learnt some new tips and felt nice to have a refresher, Jen was amazing as well answering my questions. Very approachable, down to earth but professional at the same time. Jen has a very soothing voice when reading out the hypnosis sections and makes you feel super relaxed. Thanks so much you have made me believe I can do this again.... round 2!"
Highly recommend

Rachel D - Mar 2020

"We had our Hypnobirthing session with Jen last weekend, it was thoroughly informative and we left full of confidence and excited for the birth of our first child. Thanks Jen."

​Dan P - Mar 2020

Sunset and Trees

"Jen has provided me (and my husband) with so much information that we can use in preparation for our first baby in a months time. The classes were held online due to the current virus crisis and even though we were in completely different locations, I felt fully involved in Jen's presentation. Jen has a wealth of knowledge and makes sure you are happy and confident at every stage. Thank you Jen! x"

Hannah K.B - May 2020

Completed the 6 week relaxation course and loved it! It was great to take the time to relax and I learnt lots in the process. Thanks Jen!

Laura G- Sept 20

Had a great session with Jen. All the hypnobirthing stuff was brand new and the information either added to NCT lessons or was new/a different angle. Particularly useful tips for the birthing environment that I plan to use. Overall made me feel more calm and prepared for the birth.

Nicola B- Dec 20

Image by Katrina Wright

Jen was amazing, taught me so much that I used in my labour, birth and throughout pregnancy. Provided me with a completely new perspective on labour and helped us logically face any worries we may have. I had a really positive birth experience and I think the relaxation classes I did with Jen definitely helped towards this.

She was also so flexible throughout lockdown and even though we had to finish the classes online they were still so helpful and it was lovely having some me and baby time each week during my late pregnancy.

Thank you Jen

Mell. J- Feb 21

Me and my partner have just finished our hypnobirth sessions with Jen. They were absolutely fantastic! So informative and will certainly be very helpful to make the labour process go as easy as possible.

Jen was great! Friendly and informative and was always willing to answer any questions we had.

Would highly recommend any interested to book with Jen.

Chris R- Apr 21

I recently took part in the 3 Step Rewind process with Jen, and I cannot believe how positively it has affected me. Not in a million years did I think I would be able to look back on my birth experience and not feel angry, disappointed or upset, but the process has helped me to come to terms with what happened and I now feel at peace with the experience. I no longer feel scared about trying for another baby, and I am happy that I can look back on the experience and take positives from this, rather than solely focusing on the negatives. Jen was absolutely wonderful throughout - she is SO personable and friendly, and made me feel at ease instantly. Considering we have never met in person, I was exceptionally comfortable speaking to her and she was incredibly supportive, continuing to check in with me following each session to find out how I was. I honestly couldn’t recommend Jen more and think it is such a wonderful, much-needed service she is offering. Thank you so much.

Sophie T- Apr 21

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